Starting off as an animation and visual effects studio, One Life Studios VFX now functions with a team showcasing an extremely diverse skillset. Their collective intelligence and efficient collaboration ethic assists in catering to the plethora of distinctive demands in the VFX vertical.

Our full-fledged VFX facility is capable of offering end-to-end VFX services, whether you need Character Designs, Matte Painting, Realistic Set Development, 3D Tracking, Rotoscopy, Pre-Visualization services, or even Final Composting. Above all, we offer on-set supervision, improvisation, and execution based on our client’s content needs.

Our 3500 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility is fuelled with cutting-edge technology to produce the most exemplary VFX outputs in the Indian industry. Even better, our guidelines are mapped with MPAA data security and such relevant best practices.

We have a staggering 100+ VFX artists who are proficient in variegated VFX characteristics such as Roto Artistry, Compositing Specialization, spot-on Match Movement, Graphics Animation, Effects Simulation, etc.

There’s no limit to the praise our IT team deserves. They take great responsibility and pride in ensuring all VFX-related system requirements of artists, data security, offshore backups, and high-speed data transfers are up to date and in mint condition.

We believe the 3 core principles of a well-balanced VFX studio are Time, Money, and Quality. These three elements have been our ethical pillars to assist in radiating the success of One Life Studios VFX.